It doesn't damage the eyelash extensions and your skin

Internail Capacity:150ml
Ingredients:WATER/1,3-Butanediol/bis(2-ethylhexyl) succinate /PEG-15 GLYCERYL ISOSTEARATE/PEG-5 GLYCERYL TRIISOSTEARATE/Poly(dimethylsiloxane)/BLOCKING REAGENT GE/Keratin hydrolyzed
/Betaine/2-Pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid sodium salt/D-Sorbitol/L-Serine/Glycine/L-Glutamic acid/L-Alanine/L-Lysine/L(+)-Arginine/L-Threonine/2-Pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid/Tocopherol/Poly(acrylamide)/JP-TS AVIATION FUEL/Dodecylheptaglycol/Methylparaben/2-Phenoxyethanol

Made in Japan

Be careful not to put it in eyes.
Wash off immediately with water or warm water in case of it getting in eyes.
Please do not use to the person with allergies.
If your skin disagrees with the product, please cease all use.

Facial cleansing for Eye make



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